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A little about who I am

How it all started

I started off as a salesperson at the vibrant clothing store Vero Moda in Sweden, and after my success in sales I was shortly in charge of the visual merchandising for the store. While working as a visual merchandiser I styled the store and created an eye-catching display which massively increased sales. It was in that moment I found my passion for marketing and branding.  

My new passion took me to one of the finest marketing schools in Sweden, Mediainstitutet in Malmö, where I graduated and received my degree in Online Marketing. During my last year I was head hunted by a grand Barista company, Redfellas. At Redfellas I created marketing materials, rebuilt their website, updated and maintained their app as well as creating campaigns. Among many of my campaigns "An offer you can't refuse" set the Swedish record for crowdfunding with 2.6 million Swedish kronor (400 000 Aud) within 3 minutes.

After two years I graduated with honors and after my time with Redfellas I found my next adventure at Aller Media, Sweden's biggest mediahouse, where I worked in the brand management team. I worked with 8 different brands which ranged from the industries of food, interior design, fashion and fitness. As a Brand Assistant Manager I was in charge of coming up with new sources of revenue, creating strong brand awareness through email, print and social media. I also coordinated various events.

After overcoming challenges and developing skills at my various employments I wanted to follow my biggest dream, helping small businesses become big. I therefore started my own online marketing company to help small businesses reach out to their target groups, help them create a strong brand and increase their customer base. About the same time I was to follow my dream - I moved to Australia for love. To embark on a new market with new opportunities.


I like a challenge, that's what keeps me going. Tell me yours and let me help you, whatever it may be. Let’s rise to the top!

This is Wihlborg marketing

My goal is to make you the obvious choice for your selected target group, to make your brand "top of mind" and help you create impact online. I do this while being;


I do a lot with less. I think new, different and I know the power of detalis.


My passion is to help small businesses achieve a great impact online and for some, even enter the digital world. Therefore my prices are adjusted to match smaller marketing budgets.


Time is money - for both parties. I value our time and understand that some things can't wait, your digital platforms. 

My work process

01 - Planning

What do you need help with? What is your vision and goals for your business? Together we plan and create a crystal clear picture of what you want to achieve. We also set deadlines for my feedback.

02 - Feedback

I present a proposal according to my recommendations and you let me know if any changes are required. We also set a deadline for our next meeting, where you are able to make additional changes if necessary. After that, finalisation.

03 - Finalisation

I present the finished product and we go through any technical features. (CMS when buying Web design and Social Media platforms when buying Strategy)

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