Turn your website into an online success!

My website is live! What happens now? How do I make sales?

Maybe you just got your new website delivered to you or your website has been up and running for a longer time, but now what? How do you get traffic to the website and start increasing your revenue?

Answer: You need a marketing and branding strategy!


This strategy will teach you how to turn your website into an online success! You will get the understanding and the skills of:

  • 12 different ways to drive relevant traffic to your website and exactly how to do it

  • The secret of successful marketing and branding

  • How to plan and carry out a successful online campaign, whether it is a branding, sales or lead campaign

    Complete templates and formulas included!


You will also receive:

  • A checklist on how to improve your website’s performance to increase conversion

  • A complete calendar on what to do the first 6 months once your website is live

If you want to learn how to:

  • Drive relevant traffic to your website

  • Make sales online

  • Raise brand awareness for your company and brand

  • Improve your website

And if you are tired of:

  • Not knowing what to do and not have a plan

  • Not seeing the results you know you deserve

From the marketer who set the

record of Swedish Crowdfunding,

2,6 million SEK in 3 minutes

with her campaign;

"An Offer You Can't Refuse"


The Complete Digital Strategy

The Strategy is a complete framework on 67 pages to turn your business into online success, divided into 5 sections:


  1. Checklist for a high performing website

  2. Organic Marketing

  3. Paid Marketing

  4. How to plan and carry out a successful online campaign

  5. 6 months Calendar


It will give you the confidence and skills to market your company like a professional. Applicable for any business whether it is a start-up or established company.

Never again will you sit and wonder why nobody is visiting your website or why no one is making a booking, purchase or contacting you.

Price: 4200 SEK

Price: 640 AUD



It is possible to buy parts of The Complete Digital Strategy

Do you feel like you are on top of certain areas in marketing but need help with others? 

This strategy is divided into 2 Modules (all including a checklist for high performing website) so you only have to pay for the parts you want to learn more about and need to improve.

  • Organic Marketing​​

  • Paid Marketing & Campaign Planning

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