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Jeanette Magnusson



Jeanette Magnusson is one of the most successful women in network marketing in Scandinavia. She has build a million dollar company under the world known company Forever Living – the Aloe Vera Company.


To design a user-friendly website where people easily can book in a meeting. A website which explains and presents her business in an exciting way aligned with the brand’s new graphic design.

Jeanette wanted to come across as inspirational, playful and professional. She already had her colour palette and visual element but the logotype and fonts were up to me to design. As a foundation I used white and mint green to establish a strong ID and a friendly font along with the mint green spot to make it playful. Videos were an important element to make her services and brand more approachable, professional and selling online. (I was involved with the planning but not the production of the videos)