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What I can do for you as a Marketing Consultant

As a Marketing Consultant I can help you with everything from making and carry out a launch for your new collection or service to managing your social media.

Are you finding branding and marketing or parts of your marketing difficult and time consuming? Are you struggling to make everything uniformed and getting the results you want? Do you want to grow your brand awareness and position your brand on the market but you don't know how?

Hiring me as your Marketing Consultant will give you expertise and knowledge on how to grow your brand awareness and scale your business.

I'm offering my consultant services as a 3 months contract, if not a longer contract is requested at the start. This allows you to try out the value of a marketing consultant for YOUR BUSINESS without having to hire.

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3 months with a Marketing Consultant

Have you ever wondered what kind of impact a marketing consultant could have for your business's growth? But the thought of hiring someone seems like a too big investment?

By hiring me as a consultant for 3 months, you are able to try out the value of a marketing consultant. You can use the 3 months as purely educational in order to operate on your own or to get assistant and experience the value of having an expert in marketing and branding in your corner. If everything feels right, you are able to sign a longer contract.

Feel free to read more about me and my accomplishments as a marketer

​All companies have different goals and needs. I can help you with parts of your marketing or take on a role as Head of Marketing which includes all parts. Everything I will carry out as a marketing consultant for you will be based on strategies, templates and checklists which will give you foundation and structure for your marketing and branding in the future.

What I can do for you as Marketing Consultant

  • Campaigns/launches

  • Managing and growing your Social Media accounts including

    • content creation

    • influencer marketing

    • collaborations

    • ambassador programs

  • Marketing and Branding strategies

  • SEO

  • Content creation

  • Making logotypes and mood board

  • PR

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Maintenance of your website (WIX)


​If there is anything I haven't listed above, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm sure I can help you with that too.

Contact me today to level up your game for 2021!