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Matejka Interiors & Art



Matejka Interiors is a talented artist in Melbourne that provides interior styling with customised art. Giving your home a unique look reflecting your own personality. 


Matejka wanted to refocus her business towards her art, instead of home styling. Selling her paintings online, hosting private events where you can join the artist in her studio and creating live art with her. She is also starting her streaming career on Twitch, creating live artork with 1000 of viewers and fans. To communicate all this she needed a brand new website. 

With a user-friendly and more business-oriented structure I designed a new website which not only sell her services and showcase her talented artwork but also creates a unique and obvious graphic profile for her brand. Matejka wanted a clean, creative and exclusive look for her brand which I created by using white and black as a foundation. Adding her favourite colour, rustic orange, and playful elements as paint brushes gives it a creative design together with her stunning artwork and stylish pictures.