Get more customers and increase your revenue with a user friendly and eye-catching website!

Why invest in a modern and user-friendly website?​

  • To showcase your products and services in a professional way

  • To give your customers a chance to read about you and build trust

  • Find/get new leads which will convert to paying customers

  • Reach out to more customers than your physical store ever could  ​​​

  • Communicate with your customers in an efficient way e.g. show your opening hours

  • Get more customers

  • Build Brand Awareness

  • Heighten your Brand Identity

  • Be available for your customers wherever they are (designed for mobile, tablet, computer)

  • Increase your revenue and grow your business

  • Convert your physical business into a digital company and SELL ONLINE (Covid-19)​

Let’s say that you are looking for a restaurant to celebrate your Birthday, you may be looking for a hair salon that's open right now, or you're having a hard time deciding on which hotel you should book for the upcoming adventures. Where do you look for answers?

Online. Your website is the strongest tool to make sales, apart from a great window display for the people walking past your physical store. It's therefore very important to have a website that's easy to use and gets your visitors attention, in order to make them choose your products and services instead of your competitors.


You want a website that:

  • Represents your Brand Identity

  • Presents your products/services in a way that creates a desire to buy

  • Is designed to achieve your business goals

  • Is user-friendly for your visitors and customers

What is a user-friendly website?​

  • Fast

  • Deisgned to fit all units; Iphones, Androids, tablets and computers

  • Has a flow that's designed for your customers behaviour online e.g: placement of opening hours, menu, products, reviews etc.

Today's consumers know what they want, and they won't waste any time to get it. That's why it's crucial to make your website user-friendly in order to be successful online. You must be accessible (available on all units) and give the right information at the right time, in an exciting way. Sounds demanding? Yes, but that's how the market looks like today. ​

When I design a website it’s all about the visitor's experience - To make a strong first impression and to create a desire for the products or services you're selling. My website strengthens your Brand and sets the bar where you want it. My goal is to give every visitor an amazing experience on your website, and for them to become your customers. 

You describe what kind of experience you want your customers to get and I create it for you! 

I don't believe in building an awesome website without SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, i.e. what makes your website visible online for your potential customers. That's why all my websites include at least basic SEO.

This is usually an additional service you pay a lot of money for!


SEO - Search Engine Optimising

Become the first choice!

Do you want your hair salon to appear at the top of Google Search when someone is looking for a hairdresser in your city? Or do you want your restaurant to appear as the first choice when someone is in the mood for Italian?

With SEO, Search Engine Optimizing, I make sure that you pop up as the number one choice when your future customer is Googling for a product or service that you are offering. I will make Google recommend your products and services by making your website relevant and user friendly, so your customers will find what they are looking for. It’s all about optimising your website and content to make it easy for your potential customers to find you: to pull strings and create a word of mouth online, to put you in the spotlight and finally, to make you a strong competitor in your field.

SEO makes all of this possible, it will increase the possibility of new customers!

If you are satisfied with the appearance of your website today, but want to have SEO implemented to get more customers, I can offer you an affordable hourly rate.


Graphic Manual

Get a strong Brand Identity


Do you know what kind of image and vibes your company expresses? Do you want to come off as a corporate, well represented company or a more relaxed and original business? Do you want to be the most romantic restaurant or the most dare devilled coffee shop?


With a consistant visual communication, it's easy for your customers to recognise you and set you apart from your competitor. It’s easier for them to build a relationship with your brand, develop loyalty and have your business at the top of their mind when their buying process begins. You may have the best coffee in town, but your image isn’t as flattering, cool or fresh as the next door coffee shop. Guess where people will have their coffee?


A Graphic Manual is also a very important tool for your marketing team. It will save you a massive amount of time everytime you're putting together marketing material by having clear guidelines concerning the appearance of the communication; to know which colours, which fonts, icons, pictures and how/when to use them. Because that’s what a graphic manual is, a manual that dictates how your brand will look. It establishes a strong identity that is vital for the attainment of brand awareness. Most importantly it includes your logotype and the usage of it, so your brand always appears the same way everywhere and hence becomes recognisable.


When I create a logotype and graphic manual for a company; I base the design on the company's corporate values and its chosen target group and I make sure that its graphic profile will attract the desired customer segment.

Let me create your identity and ensure a common thread through all of your communication and marketing. You may already have a clear vision of your graphic identity but missing the consistency to actually make it a part of your image, and you just need everything put together into a Graphic Manual? I can help you with that too.

The Graphic Manual contains everything you need to build a strong Brand Identity: 

  • Logotype  

  • Colour Palette

  • Typography 

  • Symbols

  • Visual Elements 

  • Picture Language 

  • Applications

  • Summary

Graphic Manuals from $780


Social Media Strategy - Brand Awareness

Expand your customer base and increase your revenue 


Is your company on social media but you are not sure how to use the platform? You are just there because everyone else is? Then it’s time to think again.


Social media is a powerful tool if you know how to use it. It can create great brand awareness and can build up your brand in ways that you didn’t think were possible. It can increase customers and make your company and brand become top of mind for your target group. It’s a platform that allows you to be real with your customers and to communicate in a fast and relevant way, free of charge. With an obvious strategy that you can use on your social media you can create stronger relationships and loyalty between your customers and your brand, expand your customer base by reaching out to new leads and finally, you can increase your revenue.


Consumers today demand 100% relevant, honest and exciting content to keep their attention and interest. They want to feel solidarity with your brand and most important of all they need to feel that you are of value to them. Social media is all about content marketing – to give value. Once you have figured that out you need to master the science of actually getting your content exposed to your target group. The platforms are all different from one to another and the algorithms keep changing so it’s crucial to stay updated.

However, by contacting me, I can save you the trouble and provide you with a strategy that tells you exactly what to do. I will help you understand how to reach your target group and provide you with everything you need to succeed. I will help you to look vibrant, stay relevant, interesting and together we will set goals for your social media channels.


The Social Media Strategy contains:


  • Identification of target group

  • Purpose of platforms

  • Goals and milestones

  • Identification of competitors

  • Suitable collaboration partners for brand awareness

  • Content planning

    • How, why and what you should communicate

    • Best hashtags for you

    • "Get more followers" campaigns

  • Publishing schedule

  • SEO for platforms

I adjust the strategy for your needs.


Get a lot for your money, contact me today for more information about the cost!

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