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Increase Brand Awareness with a Social Media Strategy

Increase your customer base & sales with Social Media

Is your company on Facebook or Instagram but you don’t know how to use Social Media for your company? You have tried to be active on Social Media but you don’t see the point in proceeding?

Today Social Media is the platform where 80% of all marketing and branding is done; it is no longer an app for entertainment. New followers mean an increase in brand awareness and engagement i.e. likes, comments, responses to stories etc, mean deeper customer relationships. With an active Instagram account your audience will always have your brand on the top of their minds which makes you the first choice when they are willing to buy. Two pictures a week at the Friday coffee break and a picture of “the team” doesn’t generate tons of likes or new followers anymore. It’s a brand new world we are living in.

Today Social Media can:

  • Increase Brand Awareness

  • Create sales

  • Drive traffic to your website

  • Build deeper and more loyal customer relationships

  • Distinguish your brand from competitors

  • Communicate with your target group – FOR FREE

  • Ask questions of your customers

  • Announce urgent messages fast

  • Allow you to understand your target group better which results in high converting campaigns

  • Get your company “top of mind” in your customer`s consciousness = they choose you when they want to pay

  • Be an incredible platform for monitoring competitors

But without a plan it’s hard to get results, like with everything else business related. It becomes stressful, would you like to change that?

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on all Mobile Presets when you purchase a Social Media Strategy

The struggle to obtain a fresh and uniformed look on social media is now over!

With presets you can make all your photos look as perfect as the next one, completely aligned with your brand identity. Pick a style that resonates with your brand and with just one click you are done.

Wihlborg marketing Social Media

 Customised Social Media Strategy

includes 1 year activity calendar

 1000 AUD 

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What is a customised Social Media Strategy?

A Social Media Strategy customised for your business erases all uncertainty and stress about when, how and what to publish. When I design a Social Media Strategy, I set up goals and milestones and you will receive among many things: A 12 months calendar as well as a weekly schedule showing what to post to achieve your personal business goals. The strategy contains:

  • Your vision and niche that distinguishes your company from competitors on Social Media

  • Identification of your target group and competitors on Social Media

  • SEO on your platforms (editing of your bio)

  • What to publish

  • When to publish for best exposure

  • Weekly Schedule for posts

  • How you make your content into a routine for your followers

  • Storytelling

  • 40 ideas of valuable content customised for your business

  • Pre schedule for future posts

  • How you make viral content

  • Goals and milestones

  • 12 months calendar for your Social Media to achieve your goals

  • Best hashtags for your niche

  • Suitable Competitions

  • Suitable Giveaways

  • Potential collaborations for your company on Social Media

  • Visual example of your future content

  • Mood board

  • 15% discount on a full set of Mobile Presets so all your photos will look amazing and aligned with your brand - with just one click!

Stop the stress and make Social Media into the highlight of the week! With this strategy you will no longer feel guilty about your Instagram or Facebook precence and you will utilize the best tool for increasing Brand awareness and sales!

Are you thinking of hiring a Social Media Manager, who is responsible for carrying out this strategy, but you are unsure if it would “pay off”? I offer a very advantageous 2 months contract as your Social Media consultant so that you can experience and feel for yourself how this strategy would give value to your business. Contact me to discuss if you are interested!