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Stump Grind It



Stump Grind It is an arborist and stump grinder in Brisbane, Australia. They can help you with stump and tree removal, tree lopping and clean up of any yard or outside area. It’s a family business with a passion for customer service.


To design a user-friendly website with a new modern and fresh look. A website which communicates Stump Grind It’s values and brand voice as a family business.


As a foundation I used white and green to keep it light and fresh, along with light black which is also a part of the Stump Grind It’s graphic profile. I used a video as background on the home page and added animation to all buttons to give the website a vibrant feeling. I designed a spacy layout and used white boxes across the website to give it a modern and strict look. As always, high quality pictures carefully chosen and made to highlight the branding.