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Get more Customers with a new Website & SEO

The design and how your website works are crucial to get ahead of your online competitors and turning visitors into paying customers!

It’s important to have a website that attracts potential customers and creates a desire for your services and products. Your website should evoke feelings, strengthen your brand identity while representing your company’s standards.

A modern and user-friendly website:

  • Represents your company and brand identity in a professional way

  • Engenders trust and credibility

  • Creates a desire for your products and services

  • Is designed to achieve your goals (generate leads, increase sales etc)

  • Is user-friendly for all your visitors

What is a user-friendly website?

  • Fast

  • Designed to fit all units and screens, as in iPhone, Android, iPad and desktop

  • Has a flow which is customisable and designed for an easy customer journey

I design a desire for your products or services online

Your website is the most important tool there is to influence your sales, if customers shouldn’t physically walk past your store.

When I design and build a website, I put the customers` experience in focus – I create a strong and exciting first impression which induces a desire for your products and services. I create a website that strengthens your brand and I make you appear professional online. My goal is to give every visitor of yours an impressive and smooth experience and to ultimately convert them into paying customers.

Describe the experience you want your online visitors to get, and I will create it!

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), the functionality that makes your website visible online by your customers and target group, is included in all my website designs. Why? I include BASIC SEO in my website designs because I don’t believe in designing an amazing website without implementing the work to make it visible online.

FULL SEO is an additional service that I provide at a reasonable extra cost, for those who want even faster results. This is usually a separate and expensive service when you order a website from other vendors.

SEO facilitates for all your potential customers to find you online!

Do you want your hair salon to pop up first on Google when someone is searching for a new hairdresser in your town? Or do you want your restaurant to be the first recommendation on Google when your potential customer wants to buy Sushi?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the functionality I implement on your website to make it rank high on Google, ahead of your competitors when someone is searching for services or products that you sell. To “appear first on Google” means that Google is recommending your products/services to its users because Google thinks that you are “the best solution” to its user’s (consumer’s) request.

A website with SEO:

  • Makes your company visible online-FAST

  • Sends relevant visitors that are looking to buy to your website

  • Increases the number of paying customers

  • Helps your company to attain a strong position on the digital market

  • Places your company on the first page on Google, which makes all this possible!

I build a structure on your website that search engines like, optimising your content to make it “the best response” to the consumers questions and that ensures a high level of user-friendliness and relevance. This will ensure that an increased number of relevant people will find you and click onto your website.

If you are satisfied with your current website but want to improve your search results, I can offer to implement SEO on your existing website at an affordable fixed price.

You are in good company

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What CMS are you working with?
WIX. I work with WIX because it is very easy for non-technical Business owners to maintain the website on mobile view after delivery. There are no updates or plugins either that makes the website crasch, it runs 100% on its own.

How long is the delivery time?
Maximum 2-3 weeks from the day I receive all the information that I need from you, copy and pictures.

What happens if you are not satisfied?
I always make sure my customers are satisfied with my service and the product they purchase from me. The delivery is not complete until YOU are satisfied.

How does the support look after delivery?
I always transfer the ownership of the website to you, making you the owner of your website. Should you require, I can provide maintains of your website as an Admin according to agreement.