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A Brand Manual creates a strong brand identity

Build a strong Brand Identity with a unique Graphic Profile

How do you want your company to be perceived? As a creative and playful brand like McDonalds or as a classy and minimalistic brand like Victoria Beckham?

A Graphic Manual contains a design and guidelines that describe and display the appearance, voice and behaviour of your brand. It creates a strong identity that radiates your values, attracts your target group and ensures a common thread throughout your communication.

The manual instructs on how you use your: logotype, colour palette, fonts, icons, symbols and pictures that together create a strong and unique personality. This makes it easier for the potential customer to discover you and to create an opinion about your brand, build a deeper relationship and become a loyal customer.

A company has a lot to gain from a strong brand profile. You can:

  • Distinguish your brand from competitors

  • Expand faster by building a brand identity based on what attracts your target group

  • Look professional

  • Build stronger customer relationships and gain more loyal customers

  • Save a lot of money and resources in the marketing budget

Save money with a Brand Manual

You will save a lot of hours on each production of marketing material due to the person accountable not having to reinvent the wheel every time. With clear guidelines on the appearance of your communication you will avoid having to spend hours on each poster produced.

Light and Shadow

Brand Manual with logotype 

 1000 AUD 

 Brand Manual with existing logotype 

 750 AUD 

*ex moms for Swedish customers

Save time and money, get more loyal customers and expand faster!

Your brand profile creates an experience and feeling about your business, this could be crucial to a potential customer when it comes to deciding on a product or service. You might have the best pizza in town but if your brand profile fails to deliver, a visitor might find a more attractive experience at the pizzeria next door.

When I design a logotype and brand manual for your company, I base the design on your values, your unique message and target group. I create a unique brand identity which deviates from your industry and gives you the possibility to grow your brand awareness fast. I ensure a brand identity which will create stronger customer relationships and eventually an increase in sales.

Wihlborg marketing’s Brand Manual contains: ​

  • Colour palette

  • Logotype & symbol – delivery for digital and print production

  • Typography

  • Typography Hierarchy

  • Visual Element

  • Picture Language

  • Application – it includes examples of how your website, marketing material and social media could look with the new graphic profile

  • File formats

  • Summary

  • Moodboard

If you already have a brand profile, but no manual where everything is summarised, I can help you with that too. A Brand Manual saves both money and time in the marketing budget.